Sweet Lily Cushion | Bookmark Mania !

It's been over 6 months since my mum passed away, but there are days when it feels like it was only yesterday. She's been in my thoughts a lot lately so I decided to make a special pillow in her memory featuring lilies - they were her favourite flower...

This is my modern take on the more traditional lily quilt blocks you may have seen before. For the fabrics I used pinks from my own Rhapsody collection for Riley Blake, and the greens are from a Vanessa Goertzen line.

The PDF pattern is now in my shop! For those of you who prefer paper patterns they are on their way from my distributor and I will list them as soon as they arrive. If you would like to see all the alternative colour schemes that my very clever pattern testers used in their own versions of this cushion, pop over to my Instagram post from a few days ago. I like to think my mum is watching from up above and smiling at all these lovely cushions being made in her memory - it's quite a comforting thought. <3

Those following me on Instagram would also have seen that I made some more of my incredibly popular sewing machine bookmarks that I shared back in January - this time I made them in pink and white as well as aqua. They sold out in MINUTES - sorry if you were trying to grab one and weren't fast enough! I have added some more stock since, and have more on the way, so you can grab one in my shop - available in pink, aqua, white, and black. As a book loving sewist I'm absolutely delighted by how much love these sweet bookmarks have received!

Also in the shop you can find my bookmarks with charm initials - a few letters have sold out but most are still available.

In other news, I have a new quilt pattern dropping next week, so get ready! It's currently with my pattern testers but here's a sneak peek for you...


  1. The pillow is wonderful and so colorful!
    How do you get your quilting so flat? Do you have a special iron? :)

    1. I use an Oliso iron which is awesome, but the flat crisp finish is not so much as a result of the iron but more the fact that I starch my fabrics quite crisply. It allows more precise cutting / piecing. :-)

  2. Love that block & oh, those bookmarks are just gorgeous. I've been following your blog for a while, but don't usually comment as I know you're busy with work/life. Take care.


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