Hi, my name is Sedef. I live in a picturesque wine town in Australia. My husband Nic and I met and got married in London and emigrated to Australia in 2009. How we ended up in Australia is a very long story, but in short we fell in love with South Australia in 2005, when we were on a one-year trip by bicycle from London to Sydney. It was love at first sight. The visas took forever to arrange but finally they came through, and we left our lives in London and moved here. And never looked back since. Our gorgeous kids Alexander and Alice were both born here in Australia.

I am a chartered accountant by trade. I used to be a high-flying career girl in 'the City' - the financial district of London - where I worked for global investment banks for over a decade. I have taken a break from Finance to have kids, and have discovered crafts as my new passion in life. I am fairly new to sewing. A rookie, really. I only bought my first sewing machine in the middle of 2012, and I am still learning how to use it properly. My first love is, and will always be, hand embroidery. My dad got me hooked on cross-stitch when I was 10 (yes, my dad! I get my craft gene from him).  I have done countless cross stitches and tapestries since. I find it the most calming thing in the world. Although it drives my husband crazy - he doesn't understand how I can possibly be watching television without looking at the screen!

It's hard to describe my style but I like things that are cute and sweet. And colourful, with colour palettes that go really well together.  I love patchwork. I love Japanese Zakka style and kawaii items. I love embroidery. I love 'floral' but not in a twee chintzy kind of way, it has to have a modern edge. And above all, I love detail. I try to add a little something extra to all my creations - a cute button, a little fabric tag, a small hand embroidery. Even if it takes me 3 times longer to do it that way.

I look forward to sharing my sewing journey with you. I hope you enjoy the blog.

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