'Dwell' Mini Quilt in Milk, Sugar and Flower

Is there anyone out there who hasn't discovered Penny Rose Fabrics' new line Milk, Sugar and Flower, designed by Elea Lutz? If you haven't yet seen it you are in for a treat. I was one of the first lucky people in Australia to get my mitts on a fat quarter bundle of this gorgeous line and made this mini quilt rightaway.

Those following me on social media would have seen a picture of this mini the day before I went on holidays. It was really gloomy that day so the photos I took then weren't quite good enough for the blog. Finally today I managed to get that most elusive combination of events as far as my blog photography goes: good sunlight in the house AND no kids at home. It seems blogging gods often bless me with one, but not the other (other bloggers and photographers with young kids reading this - I am imagining you all nodding with empathy right at this moment).

It's almost impossible not to make something super-sweet from this line (those kittens and bunnies - seriously can they be any cuter?). I did squeal a little when I realised they were just the right size for the doorways of the mini quilt pattern 'Dwell' by Thimbleblossoms. I had to give them homes!

This mini is going on the big blank wall in my sewing room - it's going to look a bit lonely there hanging on its own so I will need to make more minis to keep it company.


As you know I am a regular contributor to Homespun magazine - Australia's leading sewing and craft title, which is also gathering a big following worldwide. They have generously given me permission to offer my readers a free digital copy of the magazine, so you can check it out for yourself! Just follow this link, and in the 'Name of Event Attended' field put 'Down Grapevine Lane'. Those not in Australia - you can just select any state from the pull down list, doesn't matter which one. A link to your free copy will be sent to you by email. Enjoy!


  1. Sedef, thank you so much for the free copy of Homespun ... I will enjoy it. :)

  2. simplesmente maravilhoso! Parabéns pelo belíssimo trabalho...Amei!

  3. simplesmente maravilhoso! Parabéns pelo belíssimo trabalho...Amei!

  4. Your mini is so adorable! And I love the little critters standing in the doorways of their homes. I'm am also drooling over the white crocheted pear with the pink leaf. Too cute! Is the free issue of Homespun only good in Australia? They ask for the state in order to fulfill the request, but I live in the U.S. In any case, thanks for the peek at your cute little quilt.

    1. Hi Leslie! Thanks for pointing that out! I have amended the post now to say anyone not in Australia can just select any state they like from the pull down list, doesn't matter which one. The free digital copy offer is worldwide. :)

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