On My Bookshelf: Tendre Crochet

Back in October, one night well past midnight, I was surfing on Instagram, jumping from feed to feed, looking for some crochet inspiration (as you do in the wee hours). I came across a picture of a crochet pear which stopped me in my tracks. The text under the picture was in Portuguese and there was no reference to a pattern from what I could tell. So I spent the next hour or so googling to find the designer of this sweet crochet pear. My search finally led me to this wonderful French crochet book: Tendre Crochet.

The author of the book is Sandrine Deveze, otherwise known as Tournicote...à cloche-pied. I quickly realised the book was in French, and my knowledge of the language is about as advanced as my knowledge of Swahili, but I didn't care! Surely crochet terms are universal and there is always Google Translate... Finding the book wasn't easy though - Amazon and Bookdepository didn't have it (still don't when I am writing this), but I found a copy on Ebay from a seller in the UK.

It arrived just in time for my birthday in November, and I have been making things from it ever since. I have been delaying blogging about it as I wanted to make every.single.thing.in.it (it's THAT kinda book). But with some impending deadlines and quilt-alongs coming up I have to reluctantly put it back on the shelf - for now.

I started with a pear... or three.

Then I made more. LOTS more.

In the book this pear is called Pirum Parum as Sandrine was inspired by the Pirum Parum illustration by Elisabeth Dunker.

The book is full of lots of other charming designs. This is Josephine, a sweet rabbit. With a bonnet, of course (don't all cute rabbits wear one? They should!)

And this one is called Framboise. These are the names of these creatures in the book, not names I have invented. So very wonderfully French! My son and I couldn't quite agree whether Framboise is supposed to be a puppy or a lamb. He is cute, whatever he is.

And every pear needs a house of course. With Liberty of London flags.

I really wanted to make a Gudule too but ran out of time. Check out my friend Xanthe's version on her blog Wife-made - she is totally hooked on this book as well! Loving the colours she picked.

If you were intrigued by the title of this post and thought it sounds like it should be from a series, that's because it is. This year I am aiming to stitch projects from many - if not all - the sewing titles on my bookshelf. Here's a small selection, there are quite a few more and more pre-ordered and on their way. I'm itching to get started!

Did I mention I am totally in love with my new sewing machine? I especially LOVE the 1/4" foot. How did I ever survive without one?! Currently I am working on an alphabet quilt-along (more on that tomorrow) and a patchwork project featuring these cottage florals by Sevenberry and Lecien (can't tell you more right now as it's a present!). I am also very much in love with some low volume additions to my stash - 'Maker' and 'Hello Bear' fabrics by Art Gallery Fabrics.

Until tomorrow,


  1. What beautiful projects! I love them all!

  2. That looks like a book I would love. Your projects are beautiful. I like the idea of making things from the books on my shelf, you have inspired me.

  3. Ooooo la la I LOVE all the pics & projects you shared <3 They are all beautiful. I went over to the Tournecote blog & added her to MyYahoo :) I'd like to know what yarn you used for your pears & animals, I am always trying to find yarn for projects like these. Thank you.
    Smiles, DianeM

  4. I LOVE those pears, they're just too cute!!

  5. I found the book in English on Amazon pre-order
    Sweet Crochet https://www.amazon.com/dp/1441318364/ref=cm_sw_r_awd_6ECnvb1CAR8EX


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