Holiday in Tasmania | Alexander Turns 4

We have just come back home from a ten day family holiday in Tasmania. So many beautiful sights, great times with friends, so much fun! But, boy, do I need a holiday now!

We stayed in Sheffield, a town near the magnificent Mount Roland. Sheffield is famous for its murals and close to the Cradle Mountain national park, where my husband Nic was taking part in a bicycle challenge in honour and memory of our friend Nic Easton who died of leukemia on 1 January 2014. We were very lucky when we went to visit the park with the kids, clear blue skies and wonderful views from Dove Lake towards Cradle Mountain in the background (a rarity, apparently). The kids had a splash at the lake shore, and got themselves thoroughly drenched in the process.

Wacky road signs! We saw lots of platypus and tasmanian devils during our week of driving around Tassie, sadly none of them were alive.

Tasmazia & The Village of Lower Crackpot was another major highlight. A huge maze complex with 8 large mazes, and a wonderful model village built to 1/5th scale. The kids went nuts! And we had a few heart attack moments when we lost them briefly in the mazes.

This was our very first proper 'family' holiday since having kids. We live in a beautiful wine town in South Australia, with so much to see and to do, and the beach only five minutes away. It is a popular tourist destination, so living here is a bit like being on a permanent holiday (we have only been here for four years, so we are still exploring). So being our first proper holiday with the kids our Tassie trip was stressful, but they were real troopers and well behaved for the most part. And both slept for long stretches during the 8 hour drive to Melbourne and back (where the Tasmania ferry departs from). Thank goodness for that.

And the best part of coming back home, other than creature comforts? It's coming back to a CRATE full of happy mail waiting for me at the post office. Here is a selection of some of the fabrics that arrived last week - some old favourites and new discoveries! Oh and the best delivery of all - my new sewing machine (Janome Horizon Memorycraft 7700). Seriously, utterly, incredible machine. It's like getting behind the steering wheel of a brand new Mercedes when all I have ever driven is an old Mini (my entry level Janome). I am just stunned by its functionality and speed!

Gorgeous Liberty Betsy lawn - that grey one on top is my all time favourite Liberty print. They are from Ava & Neve who are a Brisbane based Liberty stockist with a great range, and who I am partnering with for an amazing project featuring these prints. More to come.

Oh and last but not least - this little guy turned 4 a few days ago! Happy birthday Alexander!

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