Meanwhile in South Australia...

... I have been swamped with customer orders! Hence the radio silence. After posting the tutorial for the teddy bear taggie blanket, I thought I would put it in my Etsy shop as well, and it proved to be quite a hit! I have also been working on some custom orders, including some patchwork and linen bibs and burp cloths. I am so pleased with how they came out that they will be going in the shop this weekend.

In other news...

Those who follow my Facebook page would have seen that I am learning to crochet. The call of those cute amigurumi animals was just too great to resist! I used to crochet as a child - taught by my grandmother - doilies and dish cloths in headache inducing colour combos, using my grandma's wool scraps. I didn't think I would remember any of it - and I don't. The stitches I mean. But as soon as I picked up the yarn and hook it was instant recall in terms of how to hold them and that fluid crochet motion. That was still stored somewhere in the depths of my memory banks - a bit like riding a bike I guess.

The course I am doing is Craftyminx's online crochet school - it's great. It's a series of 23 video tutorials and suitable for complete beginners. I am more than halfway through the course. I can now do all the main crochet stitches (below is the swatch I made for the class). And now learning to work with textures and working in the round (rather than in rows - fundamental for amigurumi!). I absolutely LOVE it. There is something so therapeutic about that repetitive crochet motion. I am already looking forward to winter evenings curled up on the couch and watching telly whilst crocheting hats and  booties (such a nanna!).

And can you believe Easter is just around the corner? I have had almost no time with everything else going on, but I have managed to make a small start on my two Easter projects. Firstly, I am making a felt easter chick ornament which I am just drafting the pattern for, and it will come with a full tutorial as well (hopefully next post!). I have also started a 'wall art' piece after coming across this picture whilst browsing Pinterest for some Easter inspiration. For a split second I thought I was looking at fabric - and then realised it was a piece of bread! But still, it gave me a cool idea... Can you guess what it is going to be? ;-)

Before I go, here is a little more Easter inspiration for you (links to all images and the original websites they came from are on my Pinterest board here). Tell you what though - I am still not used to celebrating Easter and Christmas in the southern hemisphere. Browsing for Easter inspiration on Pinterest is weird - everything just screams 'SPRING!!' but it's now autumn here. It's quite odd! Not quite as odd as decorating a christmas tree with snowflakes whilst it's 40C outside though. ;-)

Until next time my lovely readers!



  2. Crochet school! I so want to join in... maybe it can be something to look forward to in winter.


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