Gone knotty

Remember this Easter fairy bread that I came across whilst browsing for Easter inspiration on Pinterest?


This is what it has turned into.


Can you guess now?




Yes, it's a bunny made entirely from French knots. And no, it didn't take that long to make at all. Two evenings stitching in front of the TV and a few hours the next day to finish off. When I saw the fairy bread on Pinterest, my first idea was to make a reverse applique bunny using a colourful Liberty print fabric. But then I noticed the little round sprinkles and got the French knot idea. (The reverse applique would have been way quicker! Why do I do this to myself?)

Despite my complaining, I really enjoyed making this bunny. Not just because I find the stitching therapeutic, but also because it turned out to be the perfect scrap-buster for my embroidery thread scraps. Now, if you embroider a lot, and if you are anything like me, you may have one of these little bird nests lurking around in your sewing box.


It's a ball of embroidery thread scraps. All those bits of thread not substantial enough to go back on the floss bobbin, but still worth keeping just in case you need them for a small job. So mine just grows and grows. Well, this bunny used up almost all of that ball!

The tutorial and pattern for the knotty bunny are coming up next. Just in case there is someone else out there who gets their kicks out of making a few hundred French knots. Tell you what though - I wasn't too bad before but I'm certainly a French knot expert now!

DSC_0225-2signature small


  1. Such a cute idea, Sedef! Looking forward to the tutorial.

  2. Crazy crazy crazy! Well done though, it looks great.


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