Beginner crocheter!

I did it! I have completed Craftyminx's crochet school, and got my diploma. I would like to send a huge thank you to Dana (aka Craftyminx) for her awesome video tutorials. They were perfect for a beginner like me. The diploma doesn't really mean anything of course, it's a just a sweet little badge of achievement so people like me can use it on our blogs. So I am now officially a 'hooker', as well as a 'sewer'! Ha ha! Love some of these craft terms. I prefer 'sewist' and 'crocheter' I think.

We made a pair of wrist warmers as part of the class crochet-along - they may come in handy soon (no pun intended). We are now going into autumn here in South Australia and there is a decided chill in the air. The grapevines that start from the bottom of our garden are beginning to turn a vibrant red - I will take a picture for you once they are in their full autumnal glory.


Anyway, I digress.  I am now ready for my first proper crochet project, flying solo.  I am still a total crochet rookie of course, but I can now do all the foundation crochet stitches, read patterns, work texture into the item, make simple granny squares, work in the round, and seam items together. So all the basic foundation skills.  I even picked up some crochet/knitting lingo such as 'frogging' - it means unraveling a piece because you rip-it rip-it rip-it out.  Love it!

To get some inspiration for future crochet projects I have been browsing through Pinterest and Ravelry (a huge global online database for crochet and knitting). I used to think crochet was mainly for colourful afghan blankets. But it has so many more applications than I realised! I even saw a pattern for a bicycle seat cover. Maybe I should make it for my cyclist husband as a birthday present - no better way to destroy his street cred amongst his road cycling buddies.

So before I leave, here is a small serving of crochet inspiration for you (all links back to the original images and the websites they came from are on my Pinterest board here). See what I mean about all the different applications?


  1. Congrats Sedef!!! And your wrist warmers turned out fabulous :)


  2. Congratulations Sedef! The wrist warmers look great! I started crocheting not long ago and looove it! I still need lots of practice but I'm already working on very simple granny squares... Love the pictures from Pinterest... very inspiring!

  3. What a beautiful selection you've put together! Thanks for including me :)

    S x

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