Tutorial: Baby Ornament

Here is the pattern and a simple tutorial for the Christmas baby ornaments I made recently.  I am intending to write a series of tutorials on working with felt, so I can share my tips and techniques. So if you are new to felt, please stay tuned. Otherwise enjoy the pattern and the ornaments, and do let me know if you have any questions.

You will need:
- The pattern (download it from here as a PDF and print it to A4)
- Felt in light peach, pink or blue depending on girl or boy ornament, brown (or any other hair colour you desire), and black
- Embroidery thread in colours matching the felt
- Ribbon or string for the loop on top
- Stuffing material (e.g. Hobbyfill)
- A button and a small fabric rose for decoration (optional)

1. Prepare the face first. Applique the eyes to the face, then put a french knot with a single thread of white embroidery cotton in the middle of the eyes. Add 3 eyelashes for the girl (a single stitch for each lash). Embroider the nose with satin stitch, and the mouth with back stitch. Applique the bow and the hair on the top part. Add a fabric rose on the bow and a little blush if desired (I use ordinary make up blush and a cotton bud to apply it. Get rid of the excess blush on the cottonbud on a spare piece of fabric first, before applying to the face).

2. Embroider the name and date on the front of the bib. Add a little button if desired. Blanket stitch the back and front of the bib together.

3. Leaving a 3cm opening at the top, blanket stitch the back of the head to the front of the head, trapping the bib and the ears in the correct positions. Stuff the head through the opening, then finish blanket stitching the gap, trapping the loop of ribbon or string at the top.



  1. I made the baby ornament for my new grandson's first Christmas. It really looks like him!


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