The baby gifts

Well my friends got their baby gifts, so, ta-da, here they are! A patchwork bib for the gorgeous Matilda, and a soft baby cube for the lovely Pippa. I couldn't help but do a little hand embroidery for the soft cube - the little girl from one of the fabrics used in the cube.

I am slowly getting ready for the opening of the shop, I have ordered more fabric, packaging and wrapping materials. And I am redesigning my logo, I liked the old one but I want something simpler and more in tune with the style of my work.

Next on my list - making stock for the shop (of course), and also some personal projects on the way. I have found three adorable embroidery patterns on Flickr which I will be turning into some pillows for the kids' bedrooms. I also started a mini-quilt for my little baby girl - sneak peek coming tomorrow!


  1. So sweet! Your hand embroidery is very inspiring!

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