A few stitches

The embroidery I added to the baby gifts made me realise how much I have missed working with tiny stitches. So I had to immediately start an embroidery for my next project.

My love of sewing started with cross stitching when I was a little girl. Over the years I have made many tapestries and cross stitch pictures, including quite a few big ones. And I mean big, some of them are over a metre wide. I will share some of these with you soon. Here is one I made for Alexander last year. I designed the cross-stitch pattern myself (using a google image and specialist software, I am not that clever!), and started stitching whilst I was pregnant with him. In the end it took me a year to finish it, here is a 'during' and an 'after' shot. It looks fantastic on his wall.

And this here is what I am working on at the moment. It's a quote from Mother Theresa and the pattern is from the wonderful Nana Company.

"We cannot do great things, but we can do small things with great love."
~ Mother Teresa

It's really a very simple piece of embroidery, just back stitch, lazy daisies, and french knots. But absolutely beautiful in its simplicity! It will be the centrepiece of the baby quilt for my own lovely 'small thing', my little Alice. I started it yesterday and if it wasn't for constant interruptions from my two little monkeys I would have finished it by now! Anyway I love embroidering whilst relaxing in front of the TV in the evenings, so it will be finished tonight.

My next project (a set of three pillows) will also feature embroidery as the centre-piece. I absolutely adore tiny stitches!

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