Cat Plushies

My son Alex has a best friend called Tom who's just as much nuts about cats as he is, and it was Tom's 10th birthday last week. Alex asked me to make matching cat plushies for both of them. I love that they're still little enough that this is not 'uncool' (yet!).

The white spotty one is Tom's plushie (Alex chose the colours) and the pink is the matching one I made for Alice - of course she had to have one too. Hers is a girl so has eye lashes. I also made a light blue one for my son later that night but it was too dark by then to photograph.

You can get the kitty and fish patterns from Minki Kim's shop.

I've also finally added more sewing machine bookmarks to the shop - in all four colours! These keep selling out every time I restock and it took forever since the last restock to get supplies in to make more, with all the COVID 19 mail delays. Sorry for anyone who's had a long wait!

Till the next post dear friends, stay safe and keep sewing!

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