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Some of you may remember this old project from many years back.  It's a modern applique wall art, and I think it must be doing the rounds again on Pinterest as I've been getting requests for the pattern. I meant to publish it at the time, but never got around to it - better late than never, right?!

This was a quick morning's sew amidst a heap of fabric design deadlines at the time - I was very happy with how it turned out despite being put together so fast. My friend Amy of Nana Company was running a triangle-themed design challenge, and I was inspired by a modern art print I had seen recently, which would be perfect for the challenge. I decided to take the design in a slightly different direction - mountains reflecting over water, so I could use two different colours in graduated shades.

I named my wall art 'mountains-in-sunset-reflecting-on-water' (I told you I am terrible with picking names). Luckily my friend Xanthe from Wife-made came to my rescue again and suggested 'Reflections' instead. Much, much better.

I made this wall art using the fusible web applique technique, as it was for display purposes only so the edges wouldn't fray. It would also look great as a foundation paper pieced project if you are a fan of that method!

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  1. This is so lovely! Very eye-catching and perfect for framing! Thanks Sedef!

  2. I'm amazed this is a free download - thank you! Everything about this is genius, from the concept, to the naming, to the quilting.

  3. I love this small quilt art. Yes, I also have a 'problem' with naming things lol. I usually come up with something corny and my daughters will say "ohhhhhhhhhhh ok"
    Happy Wednesday Sedef and thank you for always sharing your inspirations and creativity

  4. I remember seeing this a long time ago! Thank you for publishing it again, and making it a free download!


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