Bluebirds On Roses by Elea Lutz

One of my favourite fabric designers Elea Lutz has a new collection out and it's sweet as can be. Flowers, strawberries, bluebirds - and a lovely mix of blues, pinks, reds, and yellow. Sweetness indeed!

I made two projects with these fabrics. The first is an 'Ultimate Pincushion' - the pattern for which is in my book Zakka Home. This is a large pincushion at 6" square - I designed it extra big like that as I was tired of having a multitude of pincushions on my desk, for all the different types of pins I use (regular pins, fine patchwork pins, long quilting pins, decorative pins..)

The pattern in the book has a patchwork design for the pincushion top - I decided to leave out the patchwork so I could showcase this beautiful blue floral fabric. Isn't it lovely?

I also made a bag with a drawstring cover, which I will be using for my crochet WIPs. We've had a sweet little addition to our family recently - a ragdoll kitten called 'Sugar'. We are all absolutely smitten with her! She is a clever little minx, and boy does she love my yarn! I needed something to keep my crochet safe from those cute little fluffy paws.

I did not use a pattern for my bag - I kind of winged it as I went. But there is a good tutorial here to make a very similar one. My bag is a slightly bigger size.

I hope you enjoyed seeing what I made with Bluebirds on Roses by Elea Lutz for Riley Blake Designs - this collection is now available in stores worldwide. Tomorrow I will run a giveaway for a bundle of these fabrics on my Instagram feed - keep an eye out if you would like to enter!


  1. Love the little bag and such beautiful fabric! Love the little furr baby too--thanks for sharing :)

  2. I’ve just been busy with the hand Pieced qal on facebook and using this sweet fabric too!! Your pinnie and drawstring bag are perfect!! And that cutie pie Sugar we can’t get enough of her sweet face.

  3. Very pretty. I especially like the pincushion, a girl can never have too many pincushions. x

  4. Sugar is beautiful. I have two cornish Rex kitties and I love kitties so much.
    Well, your sewing projects are absolutely beautiful. I adore the bag with the inside closure. Very sweet, Sedef. You are always inspiring

  5. Gorgeous!!! Thanks for sharing <3


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