Holiday Baking

I'm doing some Christmas baking today so wanted to reshare this old favourite recipe of mine. There are few things I find more comforting than these 'Amaretti', which are Italian almond cookies. Similar to the French almond macaroons but way more almond-y! And super yummy!

When we lived in London my hubby and I were addicted to amaretti from an Italian restaurant/deli chain there called Carluccio's. Alas when we moved to Australia we couldn't get them anymore so I had to learn how to make them. After lots of trial and error I perfected my recipe over the years, which I wrote up for you. If you like marzipan, you will love these sweet cookies! They have a thin crunchy crust with a soft centre. Tip: don't leave the almond extract out - the cookies will still be yum without it, but the extract takes them to a whole 'nother level. Pin the recipe, and enjoy!


  1. mMMmmmm yummy
    Thank you for the tested and approved recipe, Sedef.
    These look easy and impressive, and of course yummy
    Happy Christmas

  2. You inspired me to make these for my cookie exchange. They are yummy! Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Is is ok to substitute coconut palm sugar for the castor sugar?

    1. I've never tried it - does it have a fine texture like caster sugar? If not, I would just run it through the food processor first so it gets finer. Otherwise you may find it gritty. But I'm sure it will taste fabulous either way! x


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