Things for boys - part 1

One of my favourite blogs is Things For Boys, run by the very talented Abby. I don't think I need to explain what her blog is about - the name says it all! She has one little guy and another one on the way any day now (in fact maybe even as I am typing this), and she has a truly impressive number of tutorials to make almost anything you can think of for boys, but also some great stuff for girls and mums too. If you haven't discovered it yet you should go and check it out. Chances are you have already pinned a few of her tutorials on Pinterest.

The reason I mention her blog is because I have been on a bit of a mission myself to make more things for boys, as I get a lot of requests from my customers for more boy items in the shop. My style is very girly and floral so coming up with boyish stuff in keeping with that style has been a bit of a challenge. So one day I sat down and spent a long time looking at my fabric collection, doodling designs, and shortlisting ideas. So this will be a multi-part post - and this part is about bibs for boys.

I only had one boy bib design in the shop previously (the Aqua Life bib, which I blogged about previously here). I designed a second patchwork bib in the same style as that one. It is backed with a gorgeous dot minky in champagne with a soft silky sheen. You may have noticed that I now also have a new template for my boy bibs, which is different from the pear shaped template I use for my girl bibs.

PicMonkey Collage

I also made some bibs with bow ties, which turned out cute as! They come with 9 fabric options for the bow ties and 8 options for the bib fabric itself. I also lined these with a soft wadding material, both for absorbancy and also so they maintain their shape better (important for those cute birthday photos!)

DSC_0293-2 with logo 600px DSC_0306-3 600px DSC_0353-3 600px DSC_0261-2 with text 600px Fabric collage 600px

My quest to make more 'things for boys' continues. This is what I am currently making for my 2 year old little guy - an aviator style crochet hat using some gorgeous chunky yarn. And there will be another hat after this one.

DSC_0328 600px

Coming up in part 2: Crochet hats for boys!

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  1. Just gorgeous. How cute is that bow tie bib!! A-DO-RA-BLE!!

    Love the look of the hat. I wish my crochet skills were up to the challenge. I'll get there .... eventually.

    1. Thanks Jane! I am a crochet rookie still, so will let you know how I get on with this pattern :)

  2. Sedef I'm sure your new range will be a hit!! I love the fabrics and the style! :)

  3. Thanks for the shout out Sedef! I love your boy version of your bibs. Very cute! Also love that crochet hat...too cute!

  4. Just adorable - looking forward to part 2 x


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