Homespun feature

Just a super quick post this evening to share some very exciting news with you. Down Grapevine Lane has been commissioned by Homespun magazine to do a special project for them for their September issue. In every issue Homespun magazine publishes '10 original and exciting projects from leading Australian and international designers' and I am truly honored that they picked little old me to be one of those designers. In fact I had to pinch myself when I got that email from the managing editor!

We have just completed the 'design' stage and I have started working on the project itself. I cannot share what it is yet, but suffice it to say, I love it already and I am really enjoying making it! I am taking photographs of the production process and will be writing step-by-step instructions, and there will be a little feature piece on me and Down Grapevine Lane as well.

So very exciting!


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