A parliament of owls

That's what a group of owls is called - apparently. I have no idea why, perhaps because people consider them to be stately and full of wisdom?

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I saw these owls first on Attic24 which is written by the very talented Lucy (and is a super-popular blog in the crochet community). She used a pattern by Bunny Mummy, you can get it here if you wanted to have a go at making one.

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I gave them to Alex to play with briefly so I could take some cute photos for the blog. I asked him how many owls there were (we are learning to count at the moment), he said there were 'two two owls'. Two is his favourite number at the moment. Four - not so much. (Or maybe he was just making an owl sound, you can't always tell with toddler speak.) He was totally not impressed with me when I took them away after the photos, but I had to, something about small parts and stuffing not being safe for under threes. Even though the eyes are safety eyes and Alex is far too sensible to try to eat polyfill, best be safe.

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I also wanted to photograph them in the garden, hanging off a branch with a nice green background. But I only had half an hour to do the shots and it was raining, so on the fridge door they went.

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They also make a surprisingly good pincushion! Discovered by accident when I had a few pins in my mouth and my pincushion was out of reach, and there was an owl sitting right there in front of me.

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I feel like I have neglected the blog recently. I have been busy creating and making things (you know when you are on a good productive streak sometimes?), and I have been working very hard on the secret squirrel project for Homespun magazine which needs to be completed within the week. And the usual shop orders as well. Business has been booming.

And of course not to forget my two little monkeys who have been rather a handful lately. Alice especially has been a very busy lady, she is now on solid food and learning new things every day. But she hates it when I leave the room and every sleep is a fight at the moment. I was reading Alicia Paulson's blog Posie Gets Cozy the other day (one of my faves). She also has a daughter about the same age as Alice, and I chuckled when I read what she wrote about her sleeping: "Not too interested in napping today. I personally would like nothing better than for someone to zip me into a polar-fleece sleepsack, turn out the lights, and beg me to sleep for two hours in the middle of the day." Spot on Alicia. If you haven't discovered her blog already get out of that cave you have been hiding in and head over there to check it out, her creations are stunning with a lovely vintage-prairie-chic feel and photography to die for as well. Anyway here is my little nap-refusing madam, enjoying the company of the amigurumi bunny. By the way both the bunny and the owls are now in the shop (sorry, the little madam isn't for sale, though I reserve the right to change my mind on this if she keeps on refusing naps).

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So there will be a few blog posts coming in the next couple of days to 'catch up' to where my life is at the moment. I share a lot more on Facebook these days which is odd as I see the blog as my first priority always and I really hesitated before setting up a Facebook account for it. But sometimes it's easier to just post a quick photo and update on Facebook, if you know what I mean?

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  1. What an adorable post filled with lovely photos- your children are lovely and crochet one of my favourite things x

  2. I've seen a few of these owls popping up over blogland but I think yours are the cutest yet. I love the colours you've used.

    S x

    1. Aw thanks Sandra! I am a big of fan of pastel colours :)

  3. Hi Sedef, I came here from Sandra's Ravelry group where you posted about the clamshell blanket. Your blog is so beautiful and I love your work. I'm following your blog and looking forward to reading more. :)

  4. Oh they are so cute Sedef! Are you sure they are a parliament? Wise, beautiful,soft...... mmmm maybe the pincushion could work! lol :)

  5. oh a lady after my own (owl) heart - these are just so gorgeous and your photos really are lovely :)


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