Embroidered Cottage | New Mini

The new issue of Homespun magazine is out in shops and on the cover is my Embroidered Cottage project! This is my third time being on the cover of Homespun, but the thrill of it never gets old.

I thoroughly enjoyed designing and making this project which combines a number of techniques - raw edge applique, 'drawing' with thread and hand-embroidery. This is a project you can make on a regular sewing machine - an embroidery machine is not required. The coloured fabrics are applique pieces backed with fusible web - I use Heat'n Bond Lite but other brands such as Vliesofix or Wonder Under could be used also. These pieces are fused onto the background by pressing with an iron, and then outlined in black thread on a regular sewing machine set to free motion mode with an open toe / darning foot. The flowers are added on in the final stage using two simple hand embroidery stitches (french knot and straight stitch). It may look like a complicated project, but it really isn't - just follow the simple steps and let go of your 'inner perfectionist' and you will end up with a charming piece of art.

The second project I wanted to show you today is my new mini quilt, which I made by sewing together the 6" blocks I've been making for the Riley Blake Designs Block Challenge. These are all classic quilt blocks (tutorials are available - search for #rbdblockchallenge on Facebook or Instagram for the details). The fabrics are the blue and pink prints from my Rhapsody collection. I finished the mini by matchstick quilting it, which always looks so nice with the texture it creates.

Life's beginning to return to normal here - a new form of 'normal' at least... South Australia has done extremely well with COVID 19 - eradicated in fact, we've had zero cases for quite a few weeks now. We still have some restrictions remaining but normality has resumed in most parts. Schools have gone back several weeks ago and kids' sports and dancing have resumed - which means I get LOTS of crochet time in the car again! So I decided to start a new blanket, using the gorgeous Nature's Walk Pattern by Sandra from Cherry Heart. Oh I love this so much! I'm using Scheepjes Stone Washed 4 Ply for it and here's my colour palette. It was a struggle to find all the colours I wanted locally so I had to order most of it from the UK, and it took 2 months to arrive. But well worth the wait.

Until next time, happy sewing dear friends!


  1. All of your work is wonderful! I love the mini quilt and the colors that you chose. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Sedef, you little framed project is adorable. I would love to make something like this for my grand girls. Each one different and special. They would squeal with happiness.
    I love the little quilt. I do adore your fabrics. I have a stack I am not using. I am just saving it for..... I do not know.
    I should dedicate a special project for it. Meantime, these little blocks are so beautiful/ Lucky you to sit in the van. I remember those days so so well.
    I am happy your area of the planet is managing okay without the lockdown. I am not sure how things will continue here. I did take daddy to the dentist, and it was one patient at a time, and carefully monitored. So we go forward with caution.
    Stay well and best wishes

    1. Oh and that yarn is beautiful and certainly worth two months wait

    2. Thank you so much Rosemary - your comment made my day :-) Sending hugs x


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