Summer Blush Blog Tour - Week 4

We are concluding the Summer Blush blog tour today with a final share from me! I'm a few days late so please forgive me - it's been a very busy week on the home front. A whirlwind of social engagements, kids' birthday parties, and general spring cleaning and work on our farm has been keeping us all super busy.

I was overwhelmed with a sudden urge to do some English paper piecing last week. I don't have the stamina to attempt a full EPP quilt (yet) so I decided to keep it small and make a cushion. I used 1.5" hexie papers and to make the diamond papers I just sliced some hexies across two diagonals.

I hand quilted the cushion front - as I think EPP and hand quilting go together so perfectly for that vintage feel. Making this cushion didn't take long at all - just a few hours of relaxing hand sewing in fact.

I gotta say, I'm really enjoying sewing with Summer Blush at the minute - the colours are so happy and I love playing with the pretty florals! I have a present for you too - I prepared a free printable containing some gift cards and tags. I often find myself in need of a 'thank you' card or a gift tag at very short notice - so voila, I can now just print a pretty one in a jiffy!

You can download the PDF for the free printable here. Enjoy!


  1. Beautiful pillow! Thank you for the sweet card and tags!

  2. It's a gorgeous cushion Sedef and I know how busy it can be on the farm..being retired farmer's ourselves. Thanks for the gift cards and for featuring Miss Mouse.

  3. You are so sweet. I love this fabric collection so so much. I love the pink shades so much. All of your fabrics are marvelous and they work so well together and also with my other fabrics. Aazing.
    I want that little mouse!! I bet she was difficult to make.
    Thank you so much for the printable.
    My youngest daughter's birthday is this Sunday, but I will visit with her on Thursday and print out this card and she will love them. The red Hello is very cute and printable for a small square frame

  4. Your pillow is beautiful and Thank-you for the printables.

  5. Cute pillow. I have a bunch of hexies I can use to make this. I don't have the alternate shape to make the box-looking ones, but I think it would still look cute with plain hexies.


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