Happy Holidays + Zakka Cushion

Hi friends! Hope you all had a great Christmas with your nearest and dearest, and enjoying a happy and relaxing holiday week. Christmas was such a lovely day at our home - I made our first Christmas ham (with maple syrup and orange glaze - yummm). It came out of the oven looking so scrumptious and we were all so very hungry that I completely forgot to take a photo!! It was incredibly delicious, even if I say so myself. On Boxing Day we were joined by friends and their kids for a 'left-overs' party. It was a pretty hot day (34C) so we set up gazebos by the pool side, playing water games, cooking sausages on the barbie, and enjoying ice cold drinks. Great times.

Now for some selfish sewing! This year has been a really great year for me and Down Grapevine Lane - I’ve been so busy on the ‘business’ side of things - illustrating two new fabric lines, working on my new book, launching my quilt pattern series, sewing magazine commissions, collaborations, and so on and so forth. But a few weeks ago I realised I don’t sew for pleasure anymore! And the never ending quest to come up with something ‘original’. You know what? I just made this simple square patchwork scrappy cushion 'just because' - and it felt so good!

I wavy quilted the cushion front in Aurifil Pink 2410 (50wt), added a sweet little Zakka tag, and bound with bias gingham. So pleased with how it looks on my sofa in our living room.

Wishing you all a lovely holiday season and happy and healthy new year in 2018. The wreath in this image is a free embroidery pattern from my Tutorials section - you can download it here. Happy Holidays!


  1. Thank you so very much for signing my book and the gifts included. I just wanted to say that not only do I spend a lot of time enjoying your blogs, your patterns, fabric etc. You now have to very special little girls who adore your book. So I have bought them both their own copies. My 9 & 7 y.o granddaughters Zianna Grace and Ruby Rose spend a lot of time with me. They have their own machine and workstation and they are even designing doll clothes. So thank you for the joy and happiness you bring and the special time that we share quietly lost our projects. Have a wonderful happy new year to you and your loved ones x

  2. Beautiful pillow ! Thank you for the embroidery pattern I hope to give this a try even though I have never embroidered the links you included will be very helpful. Happy New Year !

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