'Quilting On The Go... English Paper Piecing' Book Tour

It's my turn on the book tour of my friend and fellow Aussie pattern designer Sharon Burgess' first book, 'Quilting On The Go... English Paper Piecing', published by Tuva Publishing. Those of you familiar with Sharon's incredible EPP work may recognise her as @lilabellelane on social media. Like all her work, Sharon's first book is absolutely impeccable, and oh so inspiring! It's suitable for both experienced English paper piecers and complete beginners - the entire first quarter of the book is a huge Techniques section that tells you everything you need to know about English Paper Piecing.

For my first project I picked the 'Spring Time Journal Cover'. I carry an A5 sketch book in my handbag wherever I go - you never know when inspiration may hit for a new fabric design or a quilt pattern idea! I thought it would be cute to make a pretty cover for it, especially as it also has a super handy pocket on the inside cover for pens and any other bits and bobs. No more hunting for a pen at the bottom of my handbag!

For the fabrics I used my new Sweet Prairie collection for Riley Blake Designs which is imminently shipping to stores in US and Europe, and coming to Australia in a few weeks. I am so proud of this collection as it's so 'me'! I printed the tag on the front cover on cardstock (after much wrestling with printable cotton which for some reason my printer didn't like! So in the end I gave up and used paper. I'll just remove it when the cover needs a wash). I also added some ties to the journal cover to make sure the journal stays closed and the pens don't fall out in my bag.

My second project is the 'Linen And Lace Fussy Cut Pincushions', also in Sweet Prairie. I desperately needed a new pincushion to replace my current one that's falling apart. I love it so much!

I hope you enjoyed my projects! If you'd like to see what everyone else is making on the blog tour, here's the full schedule. Enjoy!

July 1  Sharon Burgess@lilabellelaneblog.lilabellelanecreations.com
July 2  Martina Bahre@avaandnevewww.avaandneve.com.au/blog/
July 5  Sharon Burgess@lilabellelaneblog.lilabellelanecreations.com
July 8  Alex Luenz@ALEXOUQwww.instagram.com/alexouq/
July 10  Weekly round up@ilabellelanelilabellelanecreations.com
July 12  Rita Hodge @redpepperquiltswww.redpepperquilts.com
July 13  Elise Baek@eliseandemeliewww.eliseandemelie.com/
July 14  Jennie Pickett@cloverandvioletwww.cloverandviolet.com/blog
July 15  Angela Hamilton@alittlepatchworkwww.alittlepatchwork.wordpress.com
July 17  Weekly round up@lilabellelaneblog.lilabellelanecreations.com
July 18  Heidi Grohs@buttonsandbutterflieswww.buttonsandbutterflies.com
July 19  Carlie Lincoln@quilty_carliewww.instagram.com/quilty_carlie/
July 20  Jess Finn@paperpieceseppwww.paperpieces.com
July 21  Alison von Bibra@cotton_factorywww.cottonfactory.wordpress.com
July 22  Anorina Morris@SameliasMumwww.sameliasmum.com
July 23  Kristyne Czepuryk@prettybyhandprettybyhand.com
July 24  Weekly round up@lilabellelaneblog.lilabellelanecreations.com
July 25  Amy Smart@diaryofaquilter.comwww.diaryofaquilter.com
July 26  Nadra Ridgeway@ellisandhiggs.comwww.ellisandhiggs.com
July 27  Lauren Wright@mollyandmamawww.mollyandmama.com.au
July 28  Giuseppe Ribaudo@giucy_giucewww.instagram.com/giucy_giuce/
July 29  Jodi Godfrey@talesofclothwww.talesofcloth.com
July 31  Weekly round up@lilabellelaneblog.lilabellelanecreations.com
Aug 1  Amira Ameruddin@amira_littlemushroomcapthelittlemushroomcap.com
Aug 2  Melody Daly@melodymatildathehouseonthesideofthehill.blogspot.com.au/
Aug 3  Sedef Imer@downgrapevinelanewww.downgrapevinelane.com
Aug 4  Martina Bahre@avaaandnevewww.avaandneve.com.au/blog/
Aug 5  Samantha Green@fortheloveoffabricwww.fortheloveoffabric.net
Aug 6  Alisha Orlando@ministryoffabricwww.ministryoffabric.com.au
Aug 7  Weekly round up@lilabellelaneblog.lilabellelanecreations.com
Aug 8  Minki Kim@zerianominkikim.com
Aug 9  Carlie Lincoln@quilty_carliewww.instagram.com/quilty_carlie/
Aug 10  Alex Luenz@ALEXOUQwww.instagram.com/alexouq/
Aug 11  Mathew Boudreaux@MisterDomesticwww.MisterDomestic.net
Aug 12  Anna Cromie@spanzywww.instagram.com/spanzy/
Aug 13  Elise Baek@eliseandemeliewww.eliseandemelie.com
Aug 14  Wynn Tan@zakkaArtwww.zakkaArt.blogspot.com
Aug 15  Final wrap up@ilabellelaneblog.lilabellelanecreations.com


  1. These are so pretty, I rather fancy having a go at the journal cover myself. The fabric range is beautiful, love the red and aqua designs. x

  2. I love the looks of your new fabric line: is it in stores already?


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