Spring quilt market - part 1

I've just returned home from one of the most thrilling weeks of my life, my first international quilt market, where I showcased my debut collection for Riley Blake Designs, Sweet Orchard. It's been a pretty insane week to say the least, totally worth the 26 hour journey from South Australia to Salt Lake City!

I unpacked today and sorted out my market photos. I have way too many of them to share in one post so I am going to split them, and post the second half tomorrow. My brain is a bit fried with all the travel and jet lag so not feeling up to doing a big write-up, instead I will let the pictures speak for themselves!

(I completely forgot to take a photo of the city-scape, so found this image on Google to give you an idea of what Salt Lake City looks like in spring! Surrounded by snow-capped mountains!)

(I couldn't go to the US and not pay a visit to (and spend a small fortune at) Anthropologie!)

(at Riley Blake offices in Alpine, Utah - a short drive from Salt Lake City)

After two days of feverish activity with everyone setting up their booths, the quilt market finally kicked off. Guys, it's BIG. I had no idea.

(my Sweet Orchard booth!)

(I may have visited the Rifle Paper Co booth a dozen times over the course of the market. I begged and begged and begged for a bundle and finally they sold me one just to get rid of me! Score!)

(Magic by Sarah Jane studios, featuring a pair of butterfly wings made with my friend Xanthe's pattern) 

(Playground by Amy Sinibaldi)

(Strawberry Moon by Sandi Henderson)

 (Elizabeth Hartman and her new quilt pattern, Lepidoptera)

(Hello Ollie by Bonnie Christine - quite possibly the prettiest booth at market)

(Joie de Vivre by Bari J)

(Sample spree - I've never seen money spent so fast by so many women at once!)

(Met so many amazing designers and quilters, these are just a few of them! From the top: Lori Holt, Jemima Flendt, Nadra Ridgeway, Sue Daley, Amy Sinibaldi, Emma Jean Jansen, Shari Butler, Camille Roskelley, Peta Peace, Amy Smart, Jina Barney, Bari J)

To be continued tomorrow :-)

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  1. Your booth was absolutely beautiful! Quilt Market looks like so much fun. Thanks for sharing the great


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