Oh what fun...

..we had on Christmas day!

- before we set them loose on the presents -

- unwrapping frenzy -

- having a picnic -

- my third kid -

- all I want for Christmas is a kiss on those cheeks -

- a Christmas miracle? I'm in a photo -

- do they come in adult sizes? -

It was such a fabulous day! We had a huge roast turkey lunch, and for a change the kids ate some of the meal with us. The greens, honeyed parsnips, and cranberry sauce were particular hits with them - the turkey, bread sauce, and spuds less so (we didn't mind - all the more for us). In the evening we went to our friends' house for more celebrations. Precious memories were made.

Alice's favourite present was this applique t-shirt made by my friend Sarah from Ric-Rac & Retro for her. Paired with her tutu and her new 'ballerina shoes' she traipsed around all day telling everyone that she was a 'princess ballerina'.

Hope you all had / are having a lovely Christmas with your loved ones - depending on where in the world you are!


  1. It sounds and looks like you had a wonderful day Sedef! Enjoy the rest of the holiday season, I can't wait to see all that is happening for DGL in 2016 :-)

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