Bandit the Raccoon | Homespun Letters & Numbers

I am slowly working my way through Little Muggles' entire crochet animal pattern collection - Amy has so many cute ones still on my to-do list. This dashing little guy has been rather aptly named 'Bandit'. What a perfect name for a raccoon!

Bandit is roughly the same size as Chester the Fox (also by Little Muggles), which I blogged about previously. They make a very cute pair of forest friends.


I am in Homespun magazine again! The April issue is now in the shops, featuring a set of monochrome letters & numbers made by me.

There is a full set of letters and numbers, which are padded and have little neodymium magnets sewn inside (which are stronger than normal magnets), so they can be used on a fridge or other metal surface. There is a little 'Getting to Know' section as well which is my favourite bit in these magazine features. I was at the supermarket this morning and saw the magazine - had to really resist the urge to find my picture in it and wave it around to everyone shouting 'Look! It's me! I made this!'. Yup, lame is my middle name.

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  1. Hi Sedef, I've just found your blog and am enjoying going back through and reading your sewing journal. Like you, I moved to SA (Moana, 2007) after 20 years in London as a career girl and am loving life in Australia too. I discovered the wonderful world of quilting in 2008, picking up tips from internet tutorials and blogs, and have progressed onto making children's clothing as well. Crochet is on my list and I hope to learn from one of the ladies in the Coffs Harbour (we moved) quilters and sewists club. I look forward to seeing your new work, best of luck.

  2. Hi love the raccoon and fox how can I get the pattern please.????

    1. Hi Corra, you can purchase the patterns here:


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