Bunch of bunnies

Is everyone in an Easter-y mood yet? I thought I would jump on the Easter bandwagon and share a couple of crochet bunnies I made recently.

Remember this bunny? She was the first amigurumi animal I made - a year ago! Look how little Alice is - she was only 6 months old here.

Bunny1 600px

I just finished a couple more - another girl bunny with a flower and a boy version with a train conductor hat. The pattern is by A Morning Cup of Jo Creations.
DSC_0891 600px
DSC_0905 600px
DSC_0893 600px
DSC_0898 600px

The boy version is a gift for my friend's new baby, whose name is Riley - only a few days old and cute as a button. I couldn't resist adding a monogram to the hat. I winged the hat pattern - it was going to be a top hat but I decided to give it a cap brim at the last minute so it turned into a train conductor hat, which I think suits it better.

DSC_0915 600px
DSC_0921 600px
DSC_0926 600px

And these here are my two little bunnies, on a recent day trip to Victor Harbor. They are growing up too fast.

Alice 600px
Alexander 600px

We are starting to get quite excited about Easter in our house - pre-kids it was just an excuse for chocolate, but with kids it's becoming something a little magical. A few days ago we explained the Easter bunny to Alexander - it went something like this:

Me: Alexander, you know it's Easter next weekend? Have you heard of the Easter bunny?
Alexander: No mummy, what is it?
Me: Well it's a very big rabbit, as big as your daddy, that comes the night before Easter and hides chocolate eggs all over the garden. And then in the morning, what do we do?
Alexander: We find the Easter bunny and eat him!

I think all he heard was "bunny as big as your daddy - chocolate - hiding in the garden", and he got a little bit excited. Don't blame him, I would be!

So this weekend we are going to have an Easter egg hunt in the garden. It will be a good opportunity to teach Alexander the Hot-and-Cold game, and Alice is pretty good at spotting hidden objects so I think she will have a ball too. Can't wait!

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  1. Oh how I miss those Easter bunny days - Have fun!

  2. Милая кукла! Детки Ваши замечательные!!! )))

  3. Helo,
    I am brasilian. I Loved your work.
    Please, How do you do this rabbit?
    my email is mariceliacampos@ig.com.br

    1. Hi Maricelia, it's from a PDF pattern by A Morning Cup of Jo, you can purchase the pattern here:


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