Happy, happy birthday

Down Grapevine Lane is one! My third baby is practically a toddler now... It has been such a busy year but when I look back at all the things I created since starting on this journey I can't help but feel proud. What started as a spare-time hobby has turned into a full time job now. Thanks to every one of you for following my blog and helping me live my dream - doing work I adore and enjoy so much that it doesn't feel like 'work'!

To mark the occasion, I set about making something I have been lusting over for a while - a cupcake pincushion.

DSC_1336 600px

I found a free pattern on Ravelry, and sat down one evening with my hook and yarn, aiming to have my coveted pincushion ready in an hour. Not to be. I finished the base and it didn't look anything like in the photos. Nooo! There was a new stitch (back post double crochet) that I had never used before so I thought I must have got that wrong. Not a problem, easy to fix. Google 'bpdc', watch a few You Tube videos, start the base again. Aha! I have to turn the whole thing inside out after I 'turn' in round 3! Finish the base, compare against the pattern image - looks even worse than my first attempt. Getting seriously frustrated now (and it's already bed time). Start again. This time, when I came to round 3, I just ignored where it says 'turn', slip-stitched to join, and kept on following the pattern - and finally! It looks right! I have since discovered it's most likely a typo in the pattern, as others had the same problem as me. Ha!

DSC_1346 600px

The dome on mine is a bit higher than in the pattern, I just kept going in the round a little more. And added a rose and a couple of leaves on top (I just made these up myself but there are many patterns on Ravelry for similar).

Such a gorgeous pattern and it really takes no time at all (as long as you remember to ignore that 'turn' in round 3!)

DSC_1356 600px

I thought Down Grapevine Lane and its owner deserved a bit of a birthday treat too, so I ordered some Zakka supplies I have had on my wishlist for way too long. I keep a 'Wishlist' board on Pinterest, in the vain hope that, one day, my hubby will remember to check there when looking for a present for me. But he keeps forgetting, so I will just buy them myself then.

Here is my haul - three Zakka books with so many cute projects to choose from, and by some of my favourite bloggers too! I also got some cotton tape and some cute Japanese animal fabric that will make the cutest patches.

DSC_1309 600pxDSC_1295DSC_1409 600px

Last but not least - a delightful scrap bundle from my new favourite Etsy shop Billycottonshop (which seems to have free shipping all the time!). I am so in love with some of these prints, such a shame the shop doesn't seem to have any yardage left! I haven't quite decided what I am going to make with these scraps yet - patchwork for sure, but what? Any suggestions?

DSC_1398 600px

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  1. I love Billycottonshop, I've made a few orders from there :) The pincushion is gorgeous, happy bloggy birthday!

  2. So very happy, happy birthday. Thank you for such a lovely and inspiring blog - it is always such a pleasure to check in here.

  3. Happy Blog birthday! Haha! I have several wish list boards in the hope that hubby will stumble across them...it's not working! I knitted a cupcake pincushion years ago. They're so cute!

  4. Happy birthday. I love your blog

    greetings Patricia

  5. Happy birthday for your blog! I LOVE all these images. I am always inspired by you Sedef!
    Ayy böyle yazmak da saçma geldi:))
    Nice nice yıllar buralarda olalım, sen yine güzeller güzeli çocuklarının fotoğraflarını ve harika el işlerini paylaş...

  6. Happy Blogaversary! I really like your cupcake.

  7. Happy Birthday to your blog! I love the pincushion. I make one a while back but yours is cuter than mine. I like the little flower on top.

  8. Did you use sport weight yarn?


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