On the cover of Homespun

This week was the most thrilling and proud week for me. I had my first magazine feature published in Homespun (leading Australian crafts magazine for those overseas). And not just published but actually on the COVER of the magazine - squeal!!

Homespun cover Sprinkles 1

Remember my french knot Easter bunny project? Back in March I got contacted by the editor of Homespun magazine after they saw it on Pinterest. They had loved the concept and wanted to commission a piece using the same french-knot-sprinkles technique. After some brainstorming and a little graphic design we finalised the drawing - an umbrella and a pair of gum boots.

umbrella & gum boots Sprinkles 2

I took pictures at each step during construction so it could be turned into a full photo tutorial for the magazine.

DSC_0360-2 DSC_0359-2

The article has a little profile piece on me and Down Grapevine Lane as well.


The September issue of Homespun magazine is now in the shops, if you wanted to get a copy of the project tutorial for yourself!

Sprinkles 3

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  1. Congratulations! It's a beautiful project, you must be really thrilled :)

  2. Harika, tebrik ediyorum..Bu arada hakikaten muhteşem bir parça olmuş...Sevgiler

  3. Bak yaa yazacaktım geçen hafta sana, işler yüzünden yine yazamadım.
    Geçen hafta online dergilere bakıyordum ipad'a satın almak için, Homespun'un kapağını görür görmez senin olduğunu anladım ve hemen satın aldım. Gerçekten harika, aslına bakarsan derginin en güzel kısmı senin sayfaların. Ellerine sağlık, canı gönülden kutluyorum.
    Sen ne iş yaparsa yapsın mutlaka en iyisini yapıp başarıyı hak eden nadir insanlardan birisin.
    Çok öpüyorum...

  4. congratulations you must be so proud and very excited x

  5. Congratulations Sedef and well deserved too! Your work is beautiful and of such a high standard. You inspire me (a complete novice) to have a go at sewing and embroidery. x

  6. Congratulations what a beautiful project and well deserved cover!

  7. Congratulations Sedef! How very exciting! Beautiful project xx

  8. How exciting!! Love the project. I wish that they sold Homespun magazine somewhere near me. I love that magazine.

  9. Congratulations Sedef! I love your project and I already have my copy! ;)

  10. Belatedly coming back to say congratulations Sedef (sorry crazy busy and found this again!).

  11. I've just found your blog -- and is it ever cute! You have so many clever and creative things going on here. I LOVE your adorable embroidery. Congratulations!

  12. Very cute and congratulations!

  13. I haven't done any embroidery for years but you make me want to start again, thank you xxx


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