Happy Mother's Day

Today I am celebrating my third Mother's Day as a mum. It's quite surreal. I still get these moments of sudden dawning realisation that I am, actually, SOMEONE'S MOTHER. I gave birth to two absolutely perfect little people, who are growing and learning new things in front of my eyes every day. I am so proud to be their mum. I think I am going to do nothing special today, and will just spend it with my gorgeous little family. What can be more 'special' than that?

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I wasn't going to make anything for Mother's Day as I have been literally submerged under an avalanche of shop orders. Then a few mornings ago I was reading something at 6am and saw the words 'Love without reason lasts the longest'. It reminded me instantly of a mother's love - totally unconditional and everlasting. And this embroidery idea just popped into my head. By 8am I had designed the embroidery on the computer, started stitching that night, and it was finished the next day. Gotta love a quick project! And I confess it was refreshing to do a 'grown up' project for a change, something to hang on the wall of my new craft room perhaps (more on that later).

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So I am sending lots of love to all mothers around the world, and especially my own mum. Hope you all get pampered and spoilt today, and have a beautiful day. Here is a little card and some flowers for you all.

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(Link to all flower images here)

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