Feeding the chicks

Life has been hectic as usual. In between looking after two kids and making bibs for customer orders, I somehow managed to find some time to complete the "Feeding the Chicks" embrodiery. I decided to put her in a frame for now, until I can figure out a permanent home for her (at the centre of a pillow perhaps?). The pattern is by Tasha Noel and available in her Etsy shop. I really enjoyed stitching this little picture. In fact I think I am addicted to Tasha's patterns as well as her fabrics, I may have to do a few more. ;)

She has been done mainly in back stitch. But I have used satin stitch for her shoes and the flower on her bodice, lazy daisies for the bows in her hair and the little chicks' collars, long and short stitch for the poles, and french knots for the seeds. 

I am also very elated to have shipped off my first batch of customer orders - it's all become very real.  I gift wrap each bib individually, as a lot of people are buying them as presents. I am a little bit in love with these cute gift tags I made for them, an idea I picked up from Pinterest (isn't Pinterest amazing?). Great scrap buster idea too.

This week the postman has really spoilt me. He brought not only a big parcel of clothes for Alice, but some Etsy fabric too! This is the best thing about online shopping, the pleasure of opening parcels :) The outfits for Alice were from Plum, and I am especially smitten with this little blue floral number (didn't I say I am partial to blue florals for girls?). She is still too small for it, otherwise she would have modelled it herself. Soon, I promise.

And just look at the fabrics in this bundle. I have a few favourite Etsy sellers, but every once in a while I discover a new one and I have to restrain myself from buying their entire stock. I can't even begin to tell you how much I love every single fabric in this bundle. A lot of these will feature in my second bib collection, coming soon.


  1. Hello Sedef,
    the embroidery turned out great and I love it in the white frame. The fabrics you got are gorgeous, where did you order them from?

  2. Down Grapevine Lane10 February 2013 at 07:46

    Thank you :) All of the fabrics in this post were from Cottonholic on Etsy.


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