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30 September 2013

A doll for Alice

My little baby girl is going to be 1 tomorrow. Sob. Growing so fast, she is our little miss independent now, and has everyone in the house wrapped around her cute little finger!

I wanted to make her something to mark this very special birthday, and when I came across an adorable doll pattern by Hopscotch Lane on Etsy, I knew I had found just the thing.

DSC_0145-2edited with logo v2 600px DSC_0493 600px DSC_0491 600px

The pattern is a great one, very easy to follow, takes about 10 hours. I added a ruffly skirt (my own pattern) and also used a smaller flower for her brooch. I love the fact that her hair is so lush and can be put into any style, not just pigtails.

I posted a picture of her on the Down Grapevine Lane Facebook page a while ago. She was such a huge hit that I have been inundated with requests since! Here are two more versions I have made, one is a caramel blonde with a vintage pink dress, and the other is a red haired little miss with a mint dress. Which one is your favourite?
DSC_0576-2 600px DSC_0583-2 600px DSC_0580-2 600px DSC_0560-2 600px DSC_0439-3 600px DSC_0411-3 600px DSC_0371-2 600px
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  1. They are all completely adorable. What a lovely pattern and you are so talented!

  2. I love them all! Sooo cute!!

  3. This is absolutely adorable. Yours looks nicer than the one on the pattern. My granddaughter is turning one this month, but I may make this for a Christmas present as I need time to make it and mail (10 days) it. Thank you so much for sharing it. I LOVE it!!

  4. Do you mind my asking what kind of wool you used? Your hair seems fuller!

    1. Hi Carmen, it's just DK/Sports weight wool (8ply). The caramel blonde one has a different texture than ordinary yarn, it almost looks like dreadlocks (not sure of the correct yarn terminology sorry) so it works perfectly as hair.

    2. If you are in Australia, they are all 8ply Moda Vera Marvel from Spotlight :)

    3. Thanks Sedef! I am in Kamloops, BC, Canada. We have a limited supply, so may have to buy online. I have a 4 ply, so I think I'll use more for the hair. I love that full look. Bought the pattern the other day and have done the face and part of the body so far. It's a fun pattern! I will buy some of the wool you used for the next one. :) Thank you for sharing your dolls. Love them!!

  5. Blogu, elislerini, cesaretini ve bizdiklari cok sevdim :)
    Bahce ile de ilgili birseyler yapiyor musun?

  6. What a cute doll and such a perfect gift for a little girl :) great job Sedef !

  7. To bought this pattern to make for my daughter and then realized the original pattern doesn't have a skirt! So you have directions for your ruffle skirt?


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