Lilac Embroidery With Cosmo Floss

Last week we completed settlement for our new home (see my earlier post if you missed my news) so we are now in full sort-out and pack-up mode! My house is a sea of boxes so there is no time to sew, but whenever I get a brief break I escape to my sewing room - as the craft beast inside me demands to be fed! One small thing I managed to finish this week is this little embroidery of a lilac branch. When life is busy, I find working on small projects can be so satisfying and the best way to relieve stress.

This embroidery was inspired by an embroidery pattern I found on Pinterest, I added lots more French knots and lazy daisies, and also changed the leaves. The gorgeous embroidery floss is the new colour palette by Cosmo, and stupidly I forgot to write down the numbers of each skein before packing them away. When I unpack them at the other end I will update this post with the floss numbers so check back next week if you wanted to know.

I hope you enjoyed a little embroidery inspiration today! Right-O - time to get back to packing and stacking! 

1 comment:

  1. You work is beautiful and the colours so very lovely.

    Good luck in your new home, Ann.


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